Here are some zines that I have made. Prices and postage are listed. Concealed cash money can be mailed to me here:

10107 Carousel Center
Syracuse, NY 13290

I can also accept paypal to ohjudy (at) Trading zines or other interesting things I usually welcome! Email me if you have any questions.

Rina Zine
16 mini-pages
cost: just postage, one stamp

Here is a teeny tiny zine by, about, and for my little girl. Eskarina listed off some of her favorite things and my boyfriend and I illustrated them for her. This is very sweet.

Rina Zine #2
16 tiny mini-pages
cost: just postage, one stamp

This time around the zine my boyfriend and I make about our daughter Eskarina is more wordy, but don't worry there are still plenty of darling illustrations by papa Ricky tucked into this itty bitty booklet. It is about things that we love about and to do with the kiddo including stories about cooking with a three year old, caring for super curly hair, bath time hatred and library story time mornings among other sweetness.

Rina Zine #3
16 tiny mini-pages
cost: just postage, one stamp

This is the "sad zine", a conversation between Eskarina & I about why we don't live with her daddy Rick anymore.

Rina Zine #4
16 tiny mini-pages
cost: just postage, one stamp

The "encyclopedia eskarina".. the world according to my kiddo.

Rina Zine #5
16 tiny mini-pages
cost: just postage, one stamp

What we did this summer! Eska and I go to the zoo with grandpa, swim at the pool, visit a fair and so much more!

Junk/Food #1
20 half-pages
cost: $1 and a 39c stamp or $2 paypal

I only made a zine once before this one and it completely sucked so I'm going to pretend this is the first one ever. It is perzine fare, in the same vein as my online journal (for those who remember what this site used to be!). It is mostly about my latest foray in a psychiatric hospital and beginning to receive treatment for my mental illness. It includes journal entries, a review of my antidepressants, a recipe, some photos and my list of goals to work on. Contact me if you would like a copy. It costs $1 and one stamp, but I am easily persuaded by trades of nearly any sort so if you are interested, try me. (It was pointed out to me by someone who has read it that my zine may be considerred "triggering" for some people.)

Junk/Food #2
16 half-pages
cost: $1 and a 39c stamp or $2 paypal - PERMANENTLY OUT OF PRINT!

The second issue of my personal zine is sixteen half-pages in a chinese buffet theme and tells a sad story about my dead mother, dieting, how I feel about moving around a lot as a kid and abortion. It also contains the requisite/gratuitous cool zinester style photobooth pictures of my family and I as well as a few other photos. This may be considerred "triggering" for some people.

Junk/Food #3
cost: $3 - OUT OF PRINT!

This is the heftiest issue of my zine so far. It is 80-something pages telling the story of how I effectively destroyed my relationship with my boyfriend Rick. It follows my move out of our apartment and from NY to VA, and how I handled this devestation when I was already pretty down. This zine also contains an essay about going to chinese buffet to binge, a story my friend wrote about herion addiction & my personal guide to home exercise videos. This may be considerred "triggering" for some people.

Junk/Food #4
52 quarter-pages - OUT OF PRINT!

This I believe is the strongest of my zines so far. It contains my contuniung struggle with food & body image. There are comics about the ways I take care of myself, my fear of sharks & a guy I have a crush on, beginner's plumbing tips and much more. This may be considerred "triggering" for some people.

24 quarter-pages
$1 and a 39c stamp or $2 paypal

i made this as part of the "24 hour zine thing". this zine is not much like the "junk/food" zines i have made about my recovery from bulimia but it is not completely seperate either (hence the title). it has a lot to do with appearance & vanity & some new turns my body-image obsessions have taken. it contains a lot of illustrations! there is a quick look at all the hairstyles i have worn since i last made a zine, a dream i had about a tattoo tribute to a friend who died & my experience having plastic surgery. and more. the whole thing is done in a crafty scrap fabric motif! it looks like you should rub the zine all over your body to feel the nice materials. but don't you will get papercuts!

junk/food #5
32 quarter-pages
$1 and a 39c stamp or $2 paypal

this issue contains writing & art concerning my obsession with beauty products & rituals, favorite diet sodas, remembered toys from my childhood & an ode to my hero the competitive eater sonja "black widow" thomas. there is a guide to the many chinese buffets in syracuse NY, explaination of why i got a tattoo & how i feel about fashion. zine reviews, thoughts about film, yadda yadda yadda you get the point, it rules.

some things i take to heart
32 mini-pages

this is a tiny tiny zine is packed full of all the best advice & comforting words i have heard. it made me feel good to make it, laid out entirely with stamps i carved myself!, and have it immortalized in case, due to death, these are life lessons i cannot pass onto my child.

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