Hello there! I am Judy & i'm twenty-whatever years old. I live in snowy Syracuse, NY with my daughter & husband. I am psychic & creative, and VERY glad you are here visiting my site! It is encouraging to have my work paid attention! Making stuff is the thing that makes me happiest & I love to share the things I create. I hope that you enjoy them also! I like making things such as clothing and food. I also enjoy writing (letters, zines), wussy indie rock music, diet cherry coke and slowly covering my body in tattoos. I do not like the cold.

I'm not exactly sure what other sorts of things anyone would be interested in reading about me so I will come back & work more on this a little later.

If you would like to get in touch with me my email address is ohjudy@gmail.com, or you can see my photos at flickr.com!

Eska, for short (or Rina) is my SIX year old daughter! She was born in Paris, France! Très exotique, oui? Eska likes cinnamon toast, snow, penguins, painting & sending mail. She is my little sidekick, partner in crime & total treasure. I wish all of you could meet her because she is so awesome.

Rick likes breasts, Mark Ryden paintings, old toys, guitar pedals and grafitti. Rick does not like mice, dogs, driving or washing dishes. He is an awesome person, and I am really lucky to have him! Rick and I have a lot of fun. He is very generous, always going out of his way to do kind things for his friends. His family is also very nice. He is hot! A lot of times I feel like I don't deserve him because he so wonderful, but mostly I just try to be thankful for him and try not be a pain in the ass and mess things up too much.

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